Why Shimla is the best city for CUCET Exam Preparation?

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Shimla was chosen as the British summer capital in 1864 because of its tranquil and warm environment. Shyamala Devi, a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess Kali, is honoured with the name of the city. Shimla, a major tourist destination, is known as the “Queen of the Hills,” a British moniker. The city is surrounded by pine and oak trees and is located in the north-western Himalayas at an average elevation of 7,234 feet. Rhododendron blooms abound in the area, as do rhododendron wines. The city is known for its asymmetrical Tudor bethan and neo-Gothic architecture, which are left over from the city’s colonial past. Shimla by far is the best city for exam preparation providing students the best opportunities and perfect study environment possible.

A Burgeoning Educational Centre

Shimla, long the summer capital of British India, is quickly establishing itself as a major educational centre. Students are flocking to the city, which has a perfect climate and is famed for its prestigious residential schools, which are a relic of the colonial period. In terms of higher education, Himachal Pradesh’s capital city is seeing significant expansion. The tranquilly of the city, filled with deodar trees, provides the ideal environment for training young minds. For their educational needs, students are increasingly flocking to this gorgeous location. Some education centres like Law keeda is providing the ideal environment to prepare for examinations and helping students reach the zenith of success with its best coaching for CLAT exam. Envision CUCET Academy is another big name which is providing best coaching for CUCET in Shimla.

Educative Possibilities

Politicians such as Pakistan’s ex-president Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, and Mohammad Hamid Ansari received their schooling at this city. The administration of Himachal Pradesh is working hard to establish the state into a national educational centre. In total, 14 engineering colleges, 7 pharmacy colleges, and 18 polytechnics have been established by the private sector in the last four years. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Engineering and Technology, a new engineering college in Shimla’s Pragatinagar area, was recently created. Shimla not only provides the best environment for the preparation of exams like CUCET but also has professional educational institutions so that cracking exams is a cake walk for students. The earlier trend was to go outside the city for professional exam coaching has waned now due to quality institutes now available in the city itself.

Well established Institutions

Shimla is experiencing tremendous progress in post secondary education, in addition to  its historic dominance in school education, for which it is known throughout India.

In addition to the standard curriculum, Shimla schools encourage pupils to participate in extracurricular activities for their overall growth. Engineering, Arts, Social Science, Law, Commerce, Management, Medicine, Hotel Management, Journalism, and Tourism are just a few of the graduate and postgraduate courses offered by the city’s institutions and universities. Shimla is a little town in comparison to India’s metropolises, but it has a high level of education and expertise. The credit for this goes to the old and experienced institutions that were constructed in the past, as well as a community of confident and capable teachers. Thousands of young people from neighboring states flock to Shimla to seek higher education.

Excellent Transportation accessibility

Shimla is well-served by both road and rail. One of the longest small gauge railway systems remaining in operation in the country may take you 80 kilometres from Kalka. The picturesque kalka-Shimla Railway has the record for the steepest ascent in altitude in the Guinness Book of Records. Shimla is 100 kilometres from Chandigarh, the nearest major city accessible through National Highway-22. All major Indian cities have daily departures from Kalka, the nearest rail terminus. It is connected to New Delhi by flights from Shimla’s Jubbarhatti Airport. An excellent transportation makes it easy for the students to travel and reach their destination saving an ample amount of their time, hence leading to dedication towards their exam preparation.

Buses or private vehicles are the most common modes of transportation inside the city. Students can be observed walking around the city, because it is a tiny town saving a good amount of their time which can be invested in their studies for CUCET.

Environmental Conditions

Shimla has been blessed with natural beauty and is surrounded by green pastures and snow-capped peaks. Its green valleys, the beauty of its trees, pine, oak and deodar and its beautiful weather attract the tourists throughout the year. The spectacular cool hills accompanied by the structures made during the colonial era create an atmosphere, which has given Shimla Hill Station the title of “Queen of Hills “.

Shimla and its Residents

Shimla is populated by god fearing simple minded people. The social behaviour here is a mix of indigenous principles and mainstream Hindu  rituals that has been passed down through the generations. The people in Shimla are helpful and very hospitable making it very convenient for a student to adapt to the environment also they not intrusive at all which again leads to no hampering in the preparation of exams. On the other hand the locals can guide the students and suggest them the best of local Institutes which are emerging lately.

Cost of Living

Shimla is pretty reasonable in comparison to metro cities to which students flock for higher education. It’s even cheaper than most of the Tier-1 cities despite being a tourist hotspot. Shimla provides cheap cost of living saving good amount money for the students. To conclude Shimla is the best city for  CUCET exam Preparation which provides everything best a student can ask for be it environmental conditions, cost of living, educative possibilities.


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