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Envison CUCET Academy is designed to help students across India in their quest to crack the CUCET Exam.


Committed To Excellence in Education.

Nestled in the Summer British Capital Shimla, Envision Academy is best for a student preparing for CUCET Exam because of the following reasons:-

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Our Academics

Making Your CUCET Preparation a lot easier!

Crack CUCET EXAM with following Programs-

CUCET Fastrack

CUCET Fastrack is for students who wish to immediately prepare for CUCET examination after their board examinations and CUCET Postgraduate students who wish to brush their basic concepts.


CUCET Heat is for students who wish to prepare for CUCET examination in their 12th Grade.

CUCET Marathon

CUCET Marathon is for students who wish to prepare for CUCET examination for 2 years in their 11th and 12th grades.

Join us Offline

Learning is for everyone.

Nothing can beat the fun of offline coaching where you have to be in time for the class and grab the seat for an immersive educational process.

For Students

Join us at our posh office in sector 1 New Shimla for dedicated classes on CUCET.

For Parents

CUCET requires a dedicated approach towards studies

12 Years Experience

Envision Academy is run by educators who have more than 12 years of experience in the boards and competitive examination.

Systematic Approach Towards CUCET EXAM

How to crack the Prestigious exam!

Focus on the most common part - G.K
Current Affairs must be done thoroughly and smartly from 2 sources to effectively deal with the exam.
Polish English
Practice of Basic English Grammar and solving Comprehensions with Speed is Required.
Demolish Numerical Ability
Relax Guys, its Numerical Ability not Calculus. If you can just keep your calm while doing calculations, this exam is not tough.
Logical Reasoning
Practice, Practice, Practice is the mantra!! Don’t worry as our main educator’s deals with the concepts and makes them crystal clear for you.
Science Subjects
The syllabus is vast and the time is limited. Envision CUCET Academy with its dedicated core faculty comes in handy to complete allyour syllabus well before real exam.
Online Mock Tests
No preparation is complete without Mock tests. Envision online CUCET Academy provides enough mock tests for you to crack the exam.
Why Choose Envision

Bringing Excellence To Students.

Remove the guesswork. Get specific reliable answers.

Remove the doubts and get straight on your target with dedicated offline and online CUCET classes.

Partner with a trusted Academy

The educators attached with Envision CUCET Academy have produced consistent results in their past ventures and have joined hands to bring a dedicated result oriented CUCET classes.

Personalized support that fits into your life.

We place emphasis not only on our online classes but on our doubt classes as well as student grievances regarding subjects or online issues. The student friendly approach is indispensible for success in this tremendously competitive CUCET exam.

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What we Offer

Our Curriculum


Taught by Umender Modgill fondly called as U.D sir by his students. 12+ years Experience.

English Language

Taught by Kashish Ahluwalia, Graduate Delhi University.


Taught by Mr. Prem Dhiman, HOD Chemistry Division.


Taught by Miss Sheetal Sharma, HOD Biology Division.

Logical Reasoning

Taught by Rohit Sharma, NLU Graduate Patiala. CLAT RANK 813, HPU RANK 2 (PG), 50+ selections in competitive exams.

Student Support

Student support is managed by Kamal Lalwani. An avid cricketer and an educator, he has answers to all your queries.

Student Grievance Team

Online classes have a lot of troubles inherently ingrained in them. To help you view all the classes seamlessly, our manager Ms Kashish is available 12*7.

Online Study Partner

Our Online Mock Tests are managed by

About Curriculum

Everyone Successful Everyday

The online classes for CUCET are according to the syllabus well defined by NTA..


What our Students Have to Say

Learning, friendship and fun for everyone.

We believe in education along with some fun goes a long way in success. 

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Parent Support

Kindly visit our centre in Shimla for CUCET related Counselling or call us at our official number.

Student Center

Whatsapp your Query in Proper Format at 9015012885 or Call the Teachers before 7 pm